"A place to reconnect and celebrate life's simple pleasures."

The Place

A ride to the old times. The Press Room brings you back to the good old days, where people communicate through words, lyrics, and musics in the cafe. Established in local Vancouver, The Press Room is focusing on only three simple things: crating the perfect brew, baking the fresh goods, and creating a you home-liking corner for everyone to stay.

The Press

Here at The Press Room, our brew squad is specializing in bringing the smooth, rich and indulgent French Press for our customers. No other coffee-brewing method works quite the same way as the French Press — it takes patience, precise timing and temperatures. But it for sure pays back with the most delightful taste for a coffee lover could ever enjoy.

The Source


Proudly partner up with someone who also based on local Vancouver, The Press Room features Timbertrain Coffee Roasters: one the best coffee roasters in town who’s been always providing Vancouver the best quality coffee in years.


Your favourite coffee buns stay with us! The irresistible Rotiboy will still be serving at our store for anyone who loves a sweet treat.

The Bakery

Yes! We bake our bread and pasties in! house! everyday!
Our most talented baker works in the dawn light to make sure the city wakes up by the smell of our Fresh Baked Bread.