The idea of having a cafe came to Toby long time ago. He wishes to have a social hub that allows everyone from the neighbourhood to sit down with a cup of coffee and having a conversation or read a book without the interfere of digital world. “I used to know everyone in my neighbourhood. We do things together, people greet each other every morning when they stepped in to the cafe on the corner of the street. It’s a shame we don’t do that any more.” Toby said.

The Press Room is keen to the simplest things that we have forgotten in today’s world, a cup of good coffee, a book that inspire you, or a conversation with your old buddy that worth remembering.

The Press Room insists on baking our bread and pastries fresh in our kitchen. Here, we don’t put a limit on our baker. Instead, we let their creativity and imagination fly. With natural ingredients and wild yeast, their baked goods are as happy as chubby babies. The Press Room offers a variety of savoury and sweet baked good, and we are always working to improve our menu. Stay tuned with our Instagram for new products.

A perfect cup of coffee will start your day right. We carefully selected the fair-trade coffee roaster, Timbertrain, to ensure that our coffee beans are roasted locally and fresh. Your coffee will be perfected to meet your taste with our large selection of dairy and non-dairy alternatives.